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Specialist in the development and management of data-driven solutions

We are true enthusiasts of technology and data, from SQL to NOSQL and from app to API. We are real techies but absolutely not world-strange and never forget for who we do it; The user.


Web Development

Web App

Native app




Beacons applications

User Interface Analysis




User interface Design

‘ Mr. Parker is strong in compact and logical making complex processes. They understand very well what the user expects. ‘

Web Development

The technique and insights of today with the look on tomorrow…

Techniques, insights and wishes change quickly. At Mr. Parker we work with the best solutions, tools and techniques that are now available and are looking at the horizon for tomorrow’s solutions. Techniques and solutions come and go, we don’t let ourselves be guided by hypes but looking at opportunities for our relationships. We are curious, continuous in training but stay with both legs on the ground. Not everything that is hip, is also practical or applicable. Thanks to this vision we create elegant, effective and efficient applications for our clients and end users.

As a client you do not need to have an understanding of it technology to know what you want. We ask to be open to new insights and business models to dare to look differently. We like to help and together we always come out. We find that development is not just code, but also help our customers in their development. This can be very large projects but also something very simple. Challenge us to think along with your wishes, dreams and challenges.

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  2. {
  3. $this-> RequireParameterCount (1, $parameters, ‘ after ‘);
  4. if (! ($date = Strtotime ($parameter[0]s))) {
  5. Return Strtotime ($value) > Strtotime ($this-> GetValue ($parameter[0]s));
  6. }
  7. Return Strtotime ($value) > $date;
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Data driven Apps

Functional data-driven apps: website, web app, native application

Data is in our blood. We have extensive experience in processing, managing, securing and enriching data.
We apply this knowledge in data-driven solutions.
For example GPS based information on what is in the ground on piping, the nearest AED or the weather. or more accurate beacon based information on which chemicals are stored in a space or the status of a machine. Data is often retrieved live from different sources, combined and clearly displayed to the user.

Behind or below the application is often a collection of APIs that collects, combines, validates, enriches and is made available to the end user from various relevant sources of information.  The data is the basis and it is pushed to website, web app, native application, SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. We like to think about how we can make your life and work easier.

Web applications


Geo Location



‘ The solutions of Mr. Parker are clear and always work. ‘

Consultancy Educational

Advice on parental School communication platforms

The history of Mr. Parker is strongly intertwined with the construction and provision of communication platforms. This gives us a clear vision of communication between school and parents/carers. Mr. Parker advises schools on how to select the best parent communication platform and offers a wide range of services. Read more about it at kiesvoorsafeschool.nl

 Effective, elegant solutions

‘ The large number of links with external sources and systems was a challenge, but what makes us a lot of work now and the reliability of our services has greatly improved. ‘

Mr. Parker Products


Online Platform Fundraising

Consider an action, part that via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Get started and show what you can. Share the results and collect the donations.

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Management and manage artwork

Platform for the management and management of original artwork: from house style and advertisements to direct mail and e-mail. Decide who makes the artwork, customizes and produces them.

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Effective applications that work


Over the years we have devised and built many special but also very practical solutions. Often together with the client, who knows more about the project than the client. And by sometimes looking at it, you come together to find beautiful and thoughtful solutions. A very small selection below. Often, for various reasons, we are not allowed to show what we have made. Make an appointment and be amazed by our approach. We Guarantee an inspiring conversation anyway.



Customised application for Management warehouse, orders, approval, packing slips.


Project Information Management

Asset Management construction projects. From planning to CAD drawings. User management for who can see and do what. Collaborate, Exchange, version control.

Safe School


Professional, safe Parent school communication. Messages, leave, absence, call Planner, type of caregivers.

Actieplatform scholen

Landelijk actieplatform

For a funds fundraiser. Schools report to, manage groups, teachers and pupils. Easy with templates and uploads.  Automated mails with tips and encouragements. Students collect E‑mailadressen and do not need money over street. Share via social media.
Result: Higher yields, no cash, dashboard with current positions, automated communication process.

Service calls

Enquête met service call follow up

Funds fundraiser. Online Survey. Participant indicates whether he/she can be contacted/wanted. Based on given answers, a service call is followed by specifically trained agents within a few hours. Targeted emails when not reached and based on response to the phone. Everything live from the same database. Link with funds fundraiser.


Artwork management

Large organization with many different communication providers and means of communication: leaflets, manuals, direct mail, in store, outdoor advertising, video, audio, e-mail etc. Purchase module, image Bank, share, collaborate.



Jenaplan Education. Specific Overhappy module. Different tasks that parents must perform. Smart calculation module that balances how many tasks to take into account the number of children. Automated reminder.

Dashboard op maat

Dashboard op maat

For a project-driven organization. Tailor-made dashboard for employees: news, contact information (mobile friendly), project information, administration, online forms, events, etc.



For primary education. Bring parents ‘ talents into view: Work, hobbies, property. Activate and involve them with their talents at the school.



Telecom provider. After visit mechanic within an hour a personalized email to visit customer with additional information about the visit, follow up and topics.

DM viewer

DM viewer

Nationwide provider of media services. Service agents see in Customer Portal all received direct mails and the sent personal offer. Dm is shown as received, including envelope, box, gifts etc. Preview is generated live. Dedicated Storage and security personal data.

Website op maat

Website op maat

Various clients: Intranet, website, portfolios, action websites etc. From a whole range of customizations to WordPress and Drupal.  With or without using themes, in collaboration with agencies, multi language, multi website.



for various customers. Website and Webshop. Magento and Woocommerce. Payment module, inventory management, logistics.

Document management

Document management

Projectmentbureau: To save, manage and share large amounts of documents in their own management for practical and legal reasons. Single sign On (SSO). Familiar interface and operation a la Google Drive, Microsoft Office Online. Link (API) other solutions and website. Content also accessible as a network server and via mobile app. option to sync.

Cloud oplossing

Cloud oplossing

Setup and set up cloud solutions:

• Mail/contacts/Calendar

• Documents (Cloud storage)

• Administration

Always less to nothing in-house. Work efficiently.

Information security

Data security, information, image, sound has a high priority in all our projects. We have long been accustomed to dealing with personal, whether or not sensitive, information. As of 25 May 2018, the AVG is applicable. The AVG is-unlike the directive from 1995-directly applicable in all EU Member States. As of this date, there is only one privacy throughout the EU. We follow the legislation and are at the forefront when it comes to directives.

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Our challenge

Elegant data-driven solutions that make processes more efficient.  They are words but this is our passion, where we wake up and must be solved.  Always custom work, where possible using existing solutions and links through APIs or else. We use the most up-to-date techniques, always curious and open to new insights. Without losing sight of the desired result.

Partners in Technology